Ever Forward Coach - Military Offerings

THANK YOU for Your Service!

At Ever Forward, we know what it means to truly serve others. Our namesake dates back to the 1600’s, when our great nation was yet in her infancy, with the soldiers of the 116th Infantry Regiment.

The Chewning family has had a service member in one of the five branches of the military for generations and generations (Chase, a.k.a. SSG Chewning pictured below).

That battle cry has endured the ages and still lives on - EVER FORWARD!


The level of commitment, duty, integrity, and personal courage (okay… we may have pulled from our Army core values a bit!) it takes to improve our life - for real, sustainable change - does not come easy.


As a very special thank you - yes, YOU - for your selfless-service to your community and your country, we want to pass along a special value for any and all of our services at Ever Forward Coach.

We offer a 20% discount off of any of our coaching packages (any service that is paid-in-full, not monthly installment options). These include:

  • EF Coach - fitness, nutrition, personal and professional development, and leadership mentoring w/ Founder and Head Coach Chase via the the EF Coach app and weekly consultations

  • Coach the Coach L1 - a 6-week online academy and one-on-one course w/ Coach Chase, this is meant for the aspiring (0-5 clients) fitness/nutrition professional who is motivated and ready to start their online coaching business

  • Coach the Coach L2 - a rigorous 6-month business coaching program that includes the online academy and one-on-one mentorship w/ Coach Chase, this is meant for the current (6+ clients) fitness/nutrition professional who is seeking to significantly increase their outreach, engagement, value (i.e. cost of services), potentially on-board new coaches to their business for scale, and to solidify your passion as a true profession as a known, liked, and trusted authority

  • Ever Forward 2019 Mentorship - a 12-month group and one-on-one coaching program, offered annually and spans January - December of the same calendar year, this is meant for any individual seeking to live a life EVER FORWARD; add external accountability to your biggest goal(s) of the year, looking for effective ways to reach more people, add more value to both yours and theirs lives, create the impact you want in this world, are looking for a sense of fulfillment in your daily life, and want to have the ability to meet regularly with like-minded, motivated individuals and be under the mentorship of Coach Chase

A 10% discount is offered to any of these above services when paid for in any of our convenient monthly installment options.
If you have any questions about the services offered by Ever Forward Coach and would like to talk with Chase personally, please email him directly at chase@everforwardcoach.com and he will respond within 24 hours