Coach the Coach L2


You have either completed Coach the Coach L1, or you have already begun the work necessary to establish your business and yourself as an authority in your space.


Your ability to take your value, your reach, and your business has idled.

You recognize the need for external accountability and know coaching around your personal and professional development will allow you the opportunity to become a known, liked, and trusted authority in your chosen profession.  


Welcome to the

"Coach the Coach L2"

Mentorship Program


Your next-level Professional Development & Business Coaching experience is here. This program from Ever Forward Coach is a continuation from our L1 service; a combination program from founder and head coach Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC and the health technology experts that made our health tracker app and online coaching platform, Nudge.

Is This for Me?

We developed this to be the exact tool box we wish we had years ago. We want to help you to be part of a unique profession, but more so to create an impact. We want to develop and mentor a community that will ultimately allow us all to grow together.

We have found our true potential and ability to bring the most value to our clients through remote coaching. This has allowed us to reach more people, transform more lives, and, here’s the part we all want to hear… it has allowed us to create our ideal work-life balance to show up better, happier, and more ambitious for our clients!

Does this sound like you?
Are you looking for a more effective way to reach more people?
Do you want to add more more value to your current clients and/or grow a loyal clientele list overall?
Is generating more revenue, matching your current value to your price point and scaling your services for an even higher future value important to you?
This program is the accountability and expertise you need if:
  • You have done the initial self-work necessary and discovered you have something of value and you want to explore it more so as to effectively share it with others
  • Others perhaps have sought you out as a subject matter expert; you have manifested the experience or end-result they want in their own lives
  • The impact you have made in others' lives by helping them set, accomplish, and maintain their biggest goals has left you wanting more, you know that this is no longer a fleeting interest but a flame that deserves to be fueled 
  • You are becoming more established in your field but are running into obstacles around growth and scaling  
  • Your prices (your value) have stayed stagnant
  • You know that if you became more effective in your workflow, develop your systems and processes, and your were able to grow your online presence you know you could empower more people and have a greater reach 

Did any of these points have you nodding your head up and down, saying "YES!" out loud even? 


What Should I Expect?


Here is our promise to you:

  • We will help you deliver even more value and make even more impact on your clients’ lives
  • Bring awareness to and keep accountability on your work-life balance
  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your current model so as to find key areas for sustainment while bringing to light areas for improvement
  • Work with you to help increase your revenue and impact, improve upon current processes to streamline your workload or help create new ones
  • Set goals and timelines to help your clarity around what you need to achieve it and when
  • Connect you to the Ever Forward Fellowship a community that will have your back and provide even more accountability through personal and professional insight (past and present EF Coach mentees and business coaching clients) as well as exclusive content from Chase and his team


How will the curriculum be delivered?

You know that for your life, your passion, your business to be as successful as possible it takes discipline. It takes continued work, growth, and investment. But it ultimately takes time.

During your time with EF Coach you will come together over regular strategy sessions with Coach Chase to cover key principles such as:

  • How to make yourself standout in a saturated market
  • Fine-tuning your purpose (your WHY) and curating your life’s story so as to share with others to help them know, like, and trust you
  • Solidify your business model
  • In-depth reviews of your past and current clientele to more effectively attract, sell, and retain your ideal client
  • Leverage your strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine your value by properly categorizing your offerings in terms of time commitments (yours and your clients) and rates
  • Analysis of current outreach and engagement techniques 
  • And more based upon YOUR individual needs for personal and professional growth

After these first crucial 60 days, you and Coach Chase will determine where you are in your business, its offerings, and your future commitment capabilities.

The, together with Coach Chase, you will map out your programs, set launch dates and the steps necessary to support of them, and strategize the long-term vision of your brand. Bottom line - you will set your BIGGEST goals and map out the priorities and actions necessary to reach them!

12 sessions to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Also, we recognize that while we may be able to help in some areas of your life and business we do not have all the answers. That is why we will make sure to connect you to the proper resource, a fellow colleague and expert in the industry, as necessary.
We believe our work with you doesn't stop just because our particular program's timeline does!
Continued accountability with like-minded individuals is what helps us and our business the most, so we want to foster that community for you as well.




How Do I Start?!

You, Coach Chase, the Ever Forward Coach team, and every other participating member of the Ever Forward community will be committing to your success. The next few months are only the start of our working relationship, we look forward to continuing to be in each other's lives - personally and professionally.

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee from the start. If you feel you are not gaining the skills necessary to grow your value and business we will issue you a full refund of any payments made thus far.


-->Simply CLICK HERE to apply!<--
You will schedule a short complimentary consultation call w/ Coach Chase
-all military receive 10% off-
You will be contacted via email within 24 hours of enrollment to schedule your first coaching call.