Coach the Coach L1


We are so excited that you have decided to put a purpose to your passion.
You have the drive necessary to continue sharpening your skills as a trusted health and fitness professional.
You seek to continue to develop yourself personally and professionally, empower your future clients or audience, all the while creating a sustainable lifestyle.



We all know giving our friends and family workouts and nutrition advice is great but we can’t make a living that way, right?!

You have questions about how to create or begin to scale your business.

You believe investing in yourself and you believe that high-performance results come from high-performance habits.

You know how invaluable external accountability is for sustainable change and success - the foundational philosophy behind being a trainer and coach.

You have a story inside of you - personal transformation, weight loss/weight gain, recovering from injuries, mental blocks around eating habits and dietary approaches. These deserve to be shared with others.

You want to motivate others through their obstacles in order to achieve their version of success just like you did.


Welcome to Coach the Coach L1!

This is the all-new offering from Ever Forward Coach, a combination program from founder and head coach Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC and the health technology experts that made our health tracker app and online coaching platform, Nudge.

Is this for me?

We developed this to be the exact tool box we wish we had years ago. We want to help you to be part of a unique profession, but more so to create an impact. We want to develop and mentor a community that will ultimately allow us all to grow together.

We have found our true potential and ability to bring the most value to our clients through remote coaching. This has allowed us to reach more people, transform more lives, and, here’s the part we all want to hear… it has allowed us to create our ideal work-life balance to show up better, happier, and more ambitious for our clients!

Does this sound like you? Are you looking for a more effective way to reach more people, add more more value to your current clientele, and grow your list of clients overall to match the revenue you know that you are worth?

 This curriculum was curated for you and is for you if:

  • YOU are currently working for someone else and you want create a side-hustle or branch off on your own endeavor entirely
  • YOU have a message - A PASSION - inside of you that you have not yet effectively been able to get out, to communicate to others whom you know need to hear it so they, too, can become more empowered 
  • YOU know you can have an impact on others' health and wellness once you establish yourself as trusted authority in the profession 
  • YOU are becoming more established as either an in-person trainer, yogi, health coach, etc. but are running into the problem of maintaining accountability for your clients once they leave their session (Face it - once our clients leave our doors they often do whatever they want and create some pretty wild stories come next session as to why they were not able to implement what you all discussed!)
  • YOU have begun securing clients online and starting your remote coaching business, but you feel you can do MORE and help MORE PEOPLE (i.e. want to secure those next 3-5 clients in the next 30-60 days)
  • YOU are struggling to set or increase your price point because you frequently question your value, expertise, and credentials

These are all 100% NORMAL things to go through!!! We did - for a LONG TIME - and were our biggest areas holding us back!


What should I expect?

We have partnered with Nudge, our technology partners and app developers, to bring you a two-part experience; an online academy that teaches you “How to create a profitable digital coaching model” in unison with one-on-one professional development coaching with Chase.

Working with such leaders in the health technology field as Nudge combined with the brand authority and nearly decade of coaching expertise from Chase are what every health and fitness professional needs in this digital age.

We will work together to help increase your revenue, develop processes to streamline your workload and establish your value (a.k.a. your price point).

We will help you deliver the most value and make the most impact to your clients’ lives while simultaneously creating an effective work-life balance.
We will work with you one-on-one to get your coaching business off the ground!


How will the curriculum be delivered?

The online academy will be your self-paced curriculum with lifetime access. Then, with Chase, you will come together for weekly strategy sessions (six in total) to cover key principles such as:

  • How to make yourself standout in a saturated market
  • Develop your purpose (your WHY) and curate your life’s story
  • Establish your business model
  • How to attract, sell, and retain your ideal client
  • Leverage your strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine your value and set your rates
  • Proper outreach and engagement approaches
  • And more based upon YOUR individual needs for personal and professional growth

And don’t forget - the Nudge academy is lifetime access!

Also, during your entire time in this program, you will have access to a community of other health and fitness professionals - the Ever Forward Fellowship - for added accountability, insight, and flat out friendship (who couldn't use a REAL one that knows your struggles and wants to see you succeed?!)


The Investment

As a special thank you to our Ever Forward community of aspiring health and fitness professionals, we are offering this at a price point we feel confident matches any budget; option to invest in full or three convenient monthly installments.

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee from the course start. If you feel you are not gaining the skills necessary to grow your value and business we will issue you a full refund of any payments made thus far.


Available now for only $797!!!

military receives 10% off

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