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Welcome to your new favorite wellness experience...
Ever Forward Coach!

Today's smartphones, apps, and wearables collect data about your health and wellness.

So why not let a professional analyze and apply that vital information to your goals?

EF Coach specializes in the application of popular health apps, smart scales, and physical activity trackers and wearables.

We integrate principles of the "quantified self" to best match your needs and use technology to advance the human potential.




Who Are We?


Meet Founder and Head Coach - Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC

Chase received his BS in Exercise Science and MS in Health Promotion. He also is a Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

He proudly served on active duty as an E-6/Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. In fact, Chase was medically retired after six years of service due to injuries that ultimately led him to total reconstructive surgeries of both of his hips. He had to learn how to walk again. Twice. Not letting this stop him, he continued on his wellness journey to become a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and health coach for nearly a decade.

Most recently, he was the Wellness Director for an East Coast concierge medical practice. Leaving the corporate world in 2017, he launched his health tracker app and remote coaching platform. Today, Ever Forward Coach serves clients like yourself all over the world with a team of six other certified coaches.

We are much more than your coach, we are your wellness community! We provide even more value though our top-rated fitness and nutrition podcast, Ever Forward Radio, and our premium athletic and lifestyle clothing line, Ever Forward Apparel.

EF Coaches provide professional insight and guidance in multiple areas of wellness, expanding upon the basics of personal training and dietary advice. We assess where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be by helping you create a sustainable lifestyle.




What Can I Expect from this Experience?


You will be enrolled in our In-App Coaching Program, meaning all of your coaching will easily be conducted in our user-friendly health tracker app.

You, your coach, and the combined decades of experience and professionalism of the entire Ever Forward Coach team will be at your fingertips!

Together, you and Coach Chase will:

  • Conduct a 30-minute strategy call to map out a plan for your goals 
  • Syncing of your favorite health apps and wearable devices
  • Unlimited messaging capabilities within the app
  • Real-time access to your health data
  • Monthly reviews so you always know your areas for sustainment and areas for improvement  
  • Nutritional guidance that aligns with your dietary needs and body composition goals
  • Exercise and physical activity planning around your busy lifestyle 
  • Access to private communities and leaderboards for motivation and engagement with others also on their wellness journey
  • And insight and expertise into other key areas of you wellness such as sleep health, hydration, stress management, and so much more!

We only set goals and build accountability systems around what you need, what you want, and the lifestyle you feel is realistic and sustainable.

Don't want to log every meal or count calories? Not ready to commit to a strenuous workout routine but know you are capable of moving more a few times a week? NOT A PROBLEM!

  • Want to reach those 10,000 steps a day your Fitbit or Apple Watch recommends?
  • Interested in trying yoga to improve your flexibility so getting out of bed each morning isn't as difficult?
  • Want to learn how meditation can decrease your stress so you show up more present for your family?
  • Feel your sleep quality could be better?
  • Have those "last five pounds" to lose but unsure if your workouts and nutrition are in alignment with that goal?
This is our most convenient coaching option for the busy, discerning individual and available to you starting as low as only $89/month!
Whether you are striving to lose fat, build muscle, train for a competition, or simply instill healthy habits we have a team of certified professionals to assist in your journey.  
This is our way of living and our number one priority when working for you.

EF Coach provides you with the accountability and expertise you need to reach your fitness, nutrition, and wellness goals.

We help you live a life Ever Forward!




How To Begin?

Ready to get started? Are you prepared to never be unprepared again?!


Then let's get you connected you with your personal coach right now! 

For roughly the same price as your daily coffee you can take action on your goals, no matter how small or big, and rest assured you have a devoted and certified professional in your pocket!

Simply click below to enroll in the remote coaching experience of a lifetime for as low as $89. You will then automatically be guided to download the app and get connected to Coach Chase and the Ever Forward Coach team!


We look forward to learning more about your needs, wants, and how

Ever Forward Coach can help you in your wellness journey!