Mindset is Everything

The EF Mindset

A challenge focused on gaining clarity through journaling and setting boundaries, habits, and goals through discipline and realistic time management skills.

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Journal prompts will be posted bi-weekly directly from your personal EF Coach - Keona, ACE CPT - and Founder and Head Coach - Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC.

You will also be able to communicate directly with other participants through the app’s private community and even see your progress on the challenge leaderboard!


Working together with your EF Coaches you will not only receive timely and specific journal prompts but also valuable content to make you as successful and empowered as possible. . We also encourage engagement in the private in-app community of others seeking the mindset development and healthy habits!


Our goal for you is to become more proficient in not just setting a goal, but creating boundaries centered around achieving that goal, and developing a realistic and specific plan. At the end of these few weeks you will not only have a greater sense of awareness around your current habits and mindset but also how to build new ones to help you live a life Ever Forward.

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You will be contacted directly through the app, so make sure your notifications are turned ON and the EF Coach app is on your home screen.