2024 Ever Forward Mentorship

I am THRILLED that you have decided.
Decided to take the most important step in your journey towards putting a purpose to your passion; the first step.
If you are here, reading this now, this means a few thing have already happened…
You have realized that you want more out of life, a true sense of fulfillment.
You want to be personally and professionally better, more efficient and effective.
You seek to empower yourself and, more importantly, those around you.
You believe that high-performance results come from high-performance habits.
If you are here, reading this now, this also means our belief systems resonate… 
I am capable of achieving anything I want in my life.
I do not live in fear of taking action on my goals.
I am comfortable becoming uncomfortable.
I know the process is worth more than the prize.
I find advantages in my adversities.
I pay attention to the gifts already received by those around me.
I empower and serve others whom also empower and serve me.
I honor my body through my fitness, nutrition, and mindset.
I apply purpose to my passion.
I live a life EVER FORWARD.
This is the fifth-annual program from Chase Chewning, MS, ACE CHC (that's me!)
I am here to help solidify what fulfills you, or help you filter out the noise and distractions to provide clarity around your greatest potential.
I develop motivated individuals (that's you) both personally and professionally.
Together, we will develop a plan around what you need to be successful, what you want to happen most in your life, all the while fostering a community of growth with other like-minded people.
 BUT! This only will work if...
You are looking for a more effective way to reach more people, add more value to both yours and their daily lives, and create the impact you want in this world.
You are looking for fulfillment in this world; from your job, your relationships, and yourself.
 Is this you? Are you nodding your head up and down or saying “YES!” out loud yet?
What Should You Expect Out of This Program?
Whether you are looking to get that next promotion at work, instill more discipline in your daily life, find ways to more effectively accomplish your most important tasks, launch your podcast or YouTube channel, grow your social media full of people you would want to hang out with in real life, improve your relationships, or even establish and grow your personal brand - these all require the same foundation...
Before you can improve anything in your life you must first know your baseline.
Living a life EVER FORWARD means being in tune with your inner dialogue, expressing your weaknesses and being able to grow because of them, and willing to do the self-work necessary to bring our true and authentic self to every situation.
How Will the Curriculum be Delivered?
The groups will come together over monthly, 60-75 minute video calls.
    In the previous years, we have had guest speakers such as Amanda Bucci, Nick Bare, Jason Phillips, Dr. Jade Teta, Entrepreneur Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer, Zach Pogrob, Michael Chernow, Louisa Nicola my brother Maxx Chewning and so many others that brought even more insight and expertise. You can expect the same caliber of professionalism and value in 2024.
    Together, we will:
    • Uncover your current strengths and leverage them into future opportunities
    • Become honest about your weaknesses (we all have them) that may not only be doing you a disservice now, but have the potential to threaten your future self and biggest goals
    • Define your vision - your WHY - for your life (and therefore everything you create)
    • Personal and professional development regardless of your current career
    • Bring heightened awareness into areas of your life you want to reduce, remove, or improve upon (high-performance habits)
    • Work through any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from applying a purpose to your passion
    • Strategize about what it is you want to accomplish most in life and the systems and tools you need to build in key environments in your life
    • Open up your schedule and your life for others to help you in terms of accountability, networking, insight
    • Learn key principles and techniques to boost productivity and efficiency
    • And so much more!
    How Do I Join?
    This curriculum is NOT FOR EVERYONE.
    But I feel confident that if you have found value in the content provided through Ever Forward Radio and myself over the years then you have found the right opportunity to truly level up in 2024!
    I encourage you to be honest with your intent when deciding to make this commitment to not just yourself, but to your future peers and me.
    Your level of success will heavily be dependent upon how you show up and the work you put in. The work you do for your own endeavors as well as your service towards helping those in the group. 
    Take the next step... take action in your life.